Medical Home Partners

Medical Home Partners (MHP) is a healthcare management company that provides a “safety net for the safety net” – by developing comprehensive care coordination and chronic care practices with  patients and their expanded care teams and the communities in which they live, learn worship and play.  To us, care coordination is patient and family centered, assessment-driven, team based and designed to ensure that patients’ needs and preferences for health services and information is met.

We take a proactive approach to helping our members obtain health care whether through well visits or symptomatic treatment. In addition, we assist the family and patient with navigating complicated health care systems and decisions,  so that health needs are met in an efficient and timely manner at the appropriate level of care.

We pride ourselves on our ability to facilitate partnerships between patients, families, caregivers, health and non medical providers, which improves case management, treatment outcomes and quality of life.  This approach is highly effective especially for seniors and patients with chronic diseases.

MHP establishes open communication between all members of a patient’s care team to ensure that:

  • Treatment protocols are understood and complied with
  • Appointments are coordinated and kept
  • The appropriate services/tests are performed and not duplicated
  • Health care services are uninterrupted
  • Social needs are addressed

This reduces medical costs for the patient, provider and payer and raises the levels of efficiency and effectiveness of the total health experience

Who are we?

We are health care coordinators.

We are trained and certified in chronic disease assessment and treatment management.  By assessing and managing chronic medical conditions and sharing comprehensive patient information between all stakeholders in the delivery process, MHP coordinates efficient, cost-effective care for all involved, while lowering operating costs which increases revenue for participating physicians.  We document the patient’s medical encounters and communicate with all who are involved in the care and management of the patient in or outside of their home.

MHP establishes chronic care methodologies that assist office-based physicians to deliver patient-centered care through a dedicated patient care network. Our approach also allows patients and caregivers to benefit from a wide range of medical, nursing, and rehabilitation services, as well as, the services of a wide range of medical specialists.  MHP coordinates the patient’s care in all settings and for all conditions, even arranging the trip to and from the doctor’s office or hospital.  We even make arrangements for any diagnostic services that the patient may require.

MHP provides ongoing management of medical conditions, coordinating care and nursing services, medical equipment and medical supplies. The patient/ family will never again be left alone to figure out the complex and confusing healthcare provider and payer system. Access to MHP is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to improve care and avoid medical complication that may result in unnecessary hospitalization, trips to the emergency room or admittance to skilled nursing facility.

MHP works closely with faith based organizations of the patient’s choosing, as part of their care team, providing spiritual nourishment and all that is needed for traditional observances as their bodies are being healed.